I had a weird and strange it’s on my arm for 2 months.

I talked to the doctor and she prescribed a prescription antibiotic cream. That helped for a little while, but it did not provide relief 24 hours of the day unless I was constantly applying the cream. I went to the marijuana dispensary near me one day to pick up an order and I was itching my arm. The lady at the counter asked if I had psoriasis and I told her that I was not sure what kind of problem I was having. She asked if I wanted to try the cannabis cream that they had available. The cannabis cream was $60 and very expensive. The budtender told me that she could give me 20% off the purchase because it was my first time trying the product. When she said the magic word discount, I agreed to pay $48 for the cannabis cream. I applied the cream to my arm as soon as I got out to the car. The package was sealed up nicely and there was a prescription seal on the bottle as well as a glued seal to the top. It took a few minutes to get into the cream. The cream was milky white in color and it had a very pleasant scent. There was no sense listed on the box, but the cannabis cream smelled like lavender. I applied a generous amount of cannabis cream to my arm. I hit the spot that was itching along with the area around it. I felt a tingle immediately.


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