Periodically it’s tough for myself and others to hear respectfully when there are weird and strange noises happening around me.

Then I understand how tough it could be for someone to take drive through orders inside of a restaurant when there are lots of patrons ordering at the front and also lots of weird things happening around them.

When I regularly call to place an order, i regularly make sure that the woman repeats that order back to me even when the place is busy.. periodically a woman will give myself and others a very tough time about studying back the order but I think it is genuinely crucial to make sure that things are right even the first time. I ordered multiple items from the place last weekend and they forgot my macaroni and also potato salad. Then the restaurant was completely out when I arrived and it was at least 10 minutes for another batch. It wasn’t an important amount of time to wait, but all of us were already in a hurry. We were rushing around because of the items that we ordered from the marijuana dispensary. We called the dispensary to order everything that we needed. The order was study back correctly to myself and others and also everything seemed correct. When all of us arrived at the dispensary, the order was ready to go and everything inside was written down correctly. In a world where things are moving abruptly fast and everything is going by quickly it is nice when things are done correctly the first time around.


Cannabis delivery