Cannabis has been legalized all over the country and much of this is due to the older population.

College potheads all around the world can’t mobilize together to legalize marijuana, but seniors in this area did So within a year or more than one.

You see many young people who do not want legalization and they post blogs and also host concerts to raise money for the cause. They don’t vote most of the time but senior citizens always show up for the elections so their voice can be heard. It’s the same long haired hippies that still want to smoke cannabis that have helped pass laws in this state. Many people entirely vote conservative down the line but troubles with cannabis legalization often tend to be on the Democratic party. Every one of us has a prescription card so we can buy medical marijuana. All of our paperwork has been done and completed so every one of us can walk into a cannabis dispensary, show them id, and get a great deal on the products that I love. I do wish that the limits on marijuana were higher. I know the government is really trying to stop a lot of people from having bulk cannabis but it’s really okay if I could get a few more grams of Purple Haze at a reasonable price. I can regularly go back the next day or the next day and it is much harder for senior citizens to regularly be able to appreciate marijuana and use it for good.



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