I was the final person out of the cut room yesterday & I had my backpack on my arm.

I left the side pocket open, it turns out, and when I got out to the car, I could not find the joint that I had left in that side pocket.

I did not realize that the pocket was open as far as it was. I started freaking out, because I thought I might accidentally have lost my joint inside of the building. I calmed myself down by smoking another joint & I told myself that there was absolutely no way that I had lost the Joint inside of the building. I assumed that I did not put the joint in that pocket or that I had lost it somewhere in the parking lot. The next morning when I got to work, my boss had a big sign posted in the cut room saying there was a meeting at 9:00 a.m. The meeting was due to the fact that the bosses found a joint in the cut room. Of course I feel it was my joint, because I lost 1 yesterday. I had my bag in the cut room & the cut room is where the boss found the recreational marijuana joint. There’s absolutely no way that I would ever divulge that it’s mine & the bosses can’t truly test us for drugs because every one of us live in a state where recreational marijuana was made legal, however just because every one of us would not pass a test doesn’t mean that every one of us were necessarily under the influence of cannabis at task or in possession of marijuana while on the task.

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