Every year for Christmas, I bake something fun and seasonal to give out to all of my neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

One year I made a caramel corn ball and the next year I made fudge.

The year after that I made double stacked brownies and magic cookie bars. This year I decided to do something completely different. I am going to make cannabis candies for christmas. I’m making cannabis candies out of a high THC distillate syringe. The high THC distillate syringe was available in sativa, hybrid, and indica varieties. I chose a sativa, because I want my co-workers to be able to enjoy the high feeling without getting tired, grouchy, or sleepy. The high THC distillate did not come in different strains, only non-strain specific sativa, hybrid, or indica. I purchased two of the sativa syringes and the total cannabinoids was 97.8%. I’m going to use the high THC distillate syringe to make a lot of different hard candies. I purchased some molds from a crafting store. I bought some molds that look like shells and fish and I also bought some molds that look like pieces of candy. When the high THC distillate candies are finally done and set, I’m going to package them all individually with nice Christmas messages on the back of the package. I’ll make sure to put a warning on the outside of the package, so everyone knows that the candies contain THC. They are not suitable for small children or teens. They taste yummy and look great, but they are only intended for adults.


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