My sister and I moved out of the house when we were teenagers.

I was the first one to leave and then my sister left the house 6 months later.

I had an apartment when my sister left, so she moved in with me. I got my sister a job working at the diner and we made enough money to pay for a small apartment. One of my friends named Jack hung out at my apartment a lot and he became very good friends with my sister. Jack gave my sister a bag of marijuana that he got from a dispensary and it had seeds. My sister and I decided to plant the seeds to see if they would grow. We planted all three seeds. We took care of them very gingerly to make sure that they would survive at an early stage. The marijuana plants grew very slowly, but the roots were tall and strong. The pot plants grew to be 12 in and then 24 and 36 inches. Before I knew it, they were towering over the kitchen table and giving off a very strong and pungent odor. Thankfully we were in the back apartment and not near anyone else, because the smell of marijuana was strong. The landlord wanted to come and look at our place during Christmas and we had these huge pot plants in the front of the house. We decorated the plants with Christmas lights and bulbs and made them look like festive pieces of Christmas furniture. The landlord never looked at the marijuana plants more than once.


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