I can’t figure out what is wrong with using marijuana? I am in my sixties, and I will admit that I used marijuana when I was younger.

Most of the people I grew up with tried marijuana at least once. Suddenly, the age group of people who thought smoking marijuana expressed who we were, and free love was more than an expression, are trying to keep marijuana from being legalized. I’m not sure I want to see those hypocrites running our country. Medical marijuana is safer to use than nearly all the pain medicines they give you in the hospital. You don’t need to worry about all the worrisome side effects of marijuana that you have with the pain medicines. The only problem with medical marijuana is that all those pasty faced politicians who smoked it freely in the sixties are now dour old fools. If they needed marijuana to help with medical condition, I’m sure they would be some of the first standing in line to get it to make them feel better. Medical marijuana isn’t the same as recreational marijuana. You must get medical marijuana legally and you need to have a medical marijuana ID card just to gain entrance into the dispensary. I know several of those dour old fools personally, and it wouldn’t take much for me to confront them face to face and tell them what I know about them, and how they should pass medical marijuana laws. I’ve got a feeling that if they thought for a second that I would call their bluff, they would all be clambering to change their minds, and made it legal both locally and federally..


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