I’m not a very confrontational nor competitively minded.

But now that I’m confronting arthritis pain, I’m ready to work to get better.

I’m just thankful that I live in a region where I can access a cannabis dispensary. Without the sort of cannabis products that I get at the legal weed shop, there is no way I’d be where I am today. These days, I have much better range of motion and way less discomfort and inflammation than I did. But it’s not just the medical marijuana that has been so helpful. For sure, there are so many medical marijuana benefits when it comes to dealing with inflammation and pain. Essentially, that is what you’re dealing with when dealing with arthritis. Yet prior to figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card, I went with prescription meds and nothing else. Of course, that was a pretty short sighted approach for sure. So I’m very thankful that I took a more holistic approach when it came to battling my condition. Using cannabis products from the legal weed store is a very big part of that battle. But I also incorporate a much healthier lifestyle that is paying off in a big way. Along with medical cannabis, I’ve changed my diet to an almost totally plant based diet. This is really helpful. And the medical cannabis also helps me complete the exercises and stretches that help me with my condition. But there is another component to treating with medical marijuana. And that would be the fact that cannabis products help me maintain perspective and a positive outlook.


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