When our brother started developing anxiety I got on his case to get a medical cannabis prescription; Rather than rely on pills that are addicting, cannabis is a better solution.

It is a plant plus much gentler on the body.

It isn’t addictive or strenuous to acquire either. With anxiety pills our brother would have needed to go to the doctor plus get a whole bunch of exams. It was going to cost him a ton out of pocket! He also would need to weekly get his prescription refilled plus remember to call it in. I knew no way he would do that, however cannabis is a much easier thing for people prefer our brother. The doctor’s visit was half the amount of time plus work. He didn’t need to get any exams done plus the paperwork he filled for cannabis was so small. There is a small fee plus then that is it, but you have a medical weed card for the year. When you renew, you do the process all over… One time a year for a whole lot of help. I knew our brother would be better at going to a medical cannabis dispensary when he wanted his stuff rather than remembering to call a pharmacy everytime he wanted his pills, and my brother also enjoys vaping rather than popping a pill everyday. It is cleaner, easier plus better health wise for him. It was such a good idea for him to be a medical marijuana patient. I am proud that our brother took the necessary steps plus is still going in the process.

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