Being a trendy college town, this area has more yoga studios than it can handle.

There is fierce competition among these businesses, and they have to try new and exciting things to bring attention to themselves.

Of course I am talking about “goat yoga,” which is probably the coolest thing I have tried in the last few months. This session was held on a small farm, one that has a petting zoo. During the course of the hour-long yoga class, a dozen baby goats wander the pen around us. Some of the baby goats would even climb up on you in the middle of a yoga pose! I had smoked so much recreational cannabis before the yoga session that I lost control and had a fit of the giggles. The little goats were so cute that I couldn’t stop laughing! Later on that day I smoked some more recreational pot, and just remembering the goats cracked me up all over again! Perhaps I didn’t get a good physical workout that day, but I feel that mental health is just as important as physical health. They say laughter is good for the soul, and nothing makes me laugh like recreational cannabis. The only problem I ever have with recreational pot is that I can get too giggly, and not be able to do anything else. In the future I need to restrict my recreational marijuana use to when I am at home, because laughing that much in public always earns me some curious looks. Or maybe everyone else just needs to smoke as much recreational weed as I do.



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