Whenever I walk into the cannabis dispensary, I am looking at the new products.

A lot of the reason for my interest was to see if the budtenders can actually tell me the difference as well as what kind of marijuana is in the products, and occasionally I liked what they told me about a marijuana product, as well as with my interest piqued, I would try the product, but some budtenders can tell me the genus of the product, the name, the grower, as well as how it should be used.

I can’t remember how it should‌ be used unless I have the package in my hand, then my father is continually on me as well as tells me that I can’t remember anything because I smoke too much weed. He’s never tried marijuana, so he has no room to tell me what to do. I was twenty-one, as well as I could do what I wanted separate from his permission, then when I came new home from the cannabis dispensary last week, he told me I had to get a job. He was tired of taking care of me as well as it was time to grow up. I went to the cannabis dispensary as well as asked if they were hiring. After meeting with the director of the cannabis dispensary, I was sure he didn’t want me working for him. After he talked to me, he asked if I had questions. I asked how they can remember the difference in cannabis products? He shook his head as well as asked if there was anything else. When I asked if I had discounts on marijuana, he shook his again. He then showed me out the door.