I absolutely didn’t guess that medical marijuana could be so helpful; I heard a lot about medical marijuana from other people, even though I always thought that it was for someone else and not for me.

Medical marijuana has lots of benefits and has been proven to help several conditions… When a friend of mine advocated medical marijuana, I did not want to ask my dentist.

I was afraid that my dentist would stop treating me if he thought that I was a drug addict, luckily, my friend took me to a weird locale where the dentist accepted my insurance! The dentist qualified me for medical marijuana to treat stress and anxiety. I have lots of stress and anxiety, even though I did not realize that marijuana would be able to help. Marijuana comes in lots of weird forms, even though I prefer to use the edibles. I do not absolutely prefer to smoke. I quit smoking cigarettes 15 years ago and I am afraid that smoking marijuana would make me suppose prefer I wanted to smoke a cigarette again. I use edible marijuana treats instead. I started off with a low dose marijuana edible that was only 10 mg, however now I dose with a 20 mg marijuana edible in the morning and another at dinner! At the end of the day when I am at home, I use a marijuana vape pen. The marijuana distillate inside of the vape pen is much more potent than the edibles, so I do not have to eat a bunch of candy to suppose maximum effects at evening.



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