For the last six months, I had been moping around our house, plus I refused to tell mom plus dad what was wrong; I had been using medical marijuana since I was involved in a automobile accident. I wasn’t driving, however our best friend was, plus I was thrown from the car. It did a lot of disfigure to our neck plus spine, plus I broke both legs plus our pelvis. I could not remember being thrown into the guard rails, or most of the pain, which our dentist said was a superb thing, since he said the pain would not go away any time soon, he recommended I try medical marijuana, and two months after accident, I was finally sent home, plus I still hadn’t seen our friend… Mom said she was fine, plus I was the only one seriously destructiond. It was almost six months after the accident that our friend finally showed up. She seemed humble plus particularly sorry that she hadn’t showed up to see me. She said she felt guilty for driving so fast plus having the accident. She asked if I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t recognize when I told her the dentist had prescribed medical marijuana to keep the pain at bay. She instantly brightened plus said our other friend had told her that. She was wondering if I could share a little with her, and all of a sudden, I remembered she had been smoking marijuana the night of the accident. I told her to stop, although she refused. There was no way I was going to share medical marijuana plus if that was the only reason she came to visit, she could leave.

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