Like many other people, I got hooked on using cannabis delivery services during the COVID pandemic, and at the time there wasn’t much choice, most of the dispensaries were closed, plus those that reopened had diminished capacity, however i had to arena an order three afternoons in advance to get a home delivery! Things have stabilized since then, since civilization has returned to normal, although I still care about to get my products delivered.

I don’t care about the high prices, but it’s taxing to beat the convenience, however the way I see it, paying a little extra for cannabis delivery puts more money into the local economy, then several of my friends tell myself and others that they appreciate to tip their cannabis delivery driver with some weed, although I don’t feel this is fair.

Medical cannabis is actually high-priced, but what if the driver doesn’t smoke? To be fair, I propose regularly tipping your cannabis delivery driver in cash, or at least giving them the option of cash. These people aren’t delivering medical cannabis as a interest, it is their job plus everyone should respect that, but when the pizza guy delivers food do you offer him a slice? Of course not! So don’t insult the cannabis delivery driver by breaking off a nug of medical cannabis, pay them in currency. If you aren’t willing to pay a few extra bucks for the cannabis delivery then maybe you should just go to the dispensary plus pick it up yourself? Also, here is a pro tip – once the cannabis delivery drivers realize that you tip well, you will start getting your deliveries a lot faster.


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