When it comes to medical weed, you are pretty limited.

It isn’t easy getting prescribed anything other than a cream or oil.

A cream is a topical that is meant for chronic pain. If you have anxiety, depression or just plain outdated sleep problems, you better suppose you will be vaping cannabis oil. Occasionally if you ask for it a loose leaf cannabis flower is prescribed. I had never heard of anyone getting prescribed an edible until our friend Brian. He has problems with anxiety plus ended up getting a prescription for edibles in order to combat it. He takes a few THC infused gummies at work in order to keep it at bay. I was so jealous of him. I wanted an edible terribly. I had already gone through the whole process though plus got flowers plus oil prescribed to me. Why do I want an edible so badly? I don’t legitimately prefer smoking. When you vape, all the awful stuff is burned away. It is much healthier plus it is easy to enjoy. You press a button plus then can be on your way. There is no paperwork or mess. I still don’t recognize prefer taking something into our lungs is smart though. I prefer that edibles are legitimately stretchy. I can get sugary candies, baked goods, a mouth spray or mints. There are so many options. If I could choose I would opening to have pot laced cookies. That would be yummy plus beneficial to me… Life does not work out that way unluckyly.

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal