When I was hired to work at the marijuana shop by the beach, the location was a small hole in the wall that only sold dried marijuana flower plus edibles, but slowly, the two of us have started adding more plus more products to our portfolio, then all of us needed more employees to help us sell those products, then when I started working at the marijuana shop, I used to do the schedule every week by hand, however i used to take several minutes each week to do the schedule plus keep track of each employee plus the amount of minutes that they worked. Sometimes I would work on the dispensary schedule at home, because I did not have time to do that work. I would stay up late on a Thursday night when our partner wanted myself and others to go to bed, and thursday was always the afternoon when the schedule had to be up plus ready for the employees! Recently, the owner of the business obtained a software program that helps myself and others keep track of each employee. The cannabis employee management software has help for scheduling, timekeeping, attendance, plus even payroll services. The software took a couple of afternoons to learn, but now I am a pro. I can use the software absolutely truly plus I even take calls from other local managers if they have complications with the software. The afternoons of spending several minutes making a schedule for a single are over, and now it takes myself and others about twenty minutes plus everything is done. The software program changed the way I manage the supplier plus it really freed up a lot of our time. I have energy plus time for more important manager responsibilities now.

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