My brother kept asking what the difference was between marijuana and cannabis.

I didn’t think there was a difference, so that’s what I told him.

The following week, he told me had gone to the cannabis dispensary, but they wouldn’t let him in. He had to be twenty-one to get in the door. I wanted to know why he went to the cannabis dispensary? He told me he wanted to know if there was a difference between marijuana and cannabis. I asked him if he had a computer, and then I asked if his fingers were broken. He had a computer and fingers that worked, so I told him to go online. He scratched his head and said he hadn’t thought of that. I laughed, ruffled his hair, then walked away. He acted like he was mad, but I knew he wasn’t. An hour later, he came running down the steps and told me that marijuana and cannabis are the same thing. Cannabis is the plant that marijuana comes from, which is why they call it a cannabis dispensary. They carry all forms of marijuana that is made from the cannabis plant. He was proud of himself that he done the research and learned something. I’m glad my brother is a quick learner, but I worry about him. When he told me he was at the cannabis dispensary, I was angry. He is only twelve and should go nowhere near a cannabis dispensary. I probably could have told him the difference, but I want him to learn to find answers on his own.

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