When cannabis came to our state it was medical weed only.

I desperately wanted cannabis plus to get high with our friends; So what I did was do the necessary steps to be a medical cannabis patient.

I didn’t realize how narrow all the regulations are. I looked at a list of problems that permit medical weed. I found that the only believable, not able to be worked on a single is for anxiety. So I came up with a good fib plus did all the steps to get cannabis. I went to the doctor, got our script, filled out papers plus paid a fee. I then got a medical weed card in the mail, however well since I said I have anxiety I was given an indica plus not a sativa, however an indica is a mellow drug that calms the mind. A sativa makes you euphoric, energetic plus happy, however that’s what I wanted. I can’t have it though. I also was given a script for cannabis oil to vape rather than a flower to smoke. That isn’t legitimately what I had in mind. Vaping is much lower plus gentler on the user. It is not legitimately fun or exciting. I have tried our medical weed a few times with friends. I thought it would be so fun plus amped up. Instead when I vape our cannabis oil I just recognize sleepy plus calm. I am not a celebration animal at all. I recognize kind of ridiculous. I did all this work for medical cannabis plus now I don’t even want it.
Medical Marijuana Education