Man, am I ever glad that I had my wife with me at the doctor’s office.

I was so not expecting to hear that I had cancer. So that sort of sent me into a complete void of comprehension. Thankfully, my wife took notes and she immediately got to figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card for me. The doctor was pretty clear that the cannabis products from the cannabis dispensary would play a key role in my cancer treatments. Luckily, my cancer was found in the early stages and was very treatable. But having cancer is no picnic and the cancer treatments can be really tough on a person. So I’m really glad that we were able to get through the marijuana regulations in order to access the legal weed store. My wife really did make sure that this happened prior to me starting chemotherapy. My sort of cancer needed a fairly long course of chemotherapy. And the doctor was very clear about the medical marijuana benefits when it came to my cancer treatment. Right away, I noticed that the cannabis products helped me deal with the nausea that came from the chemotherapy. But there were more medical marijuana benefits in store for me during my cancer treatment. When you’re fighting something like cancer, it’s so important to have your body in the best shape as possible. That means eating very healthy foods in order to maintain strength and viability. With the cannabis flower products, I was able not only to deal with the nausea but it produced an appetite. This allowed me to continue to eat properly and I think was central to me getting to remission.


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