It’s really better now a year on after one of the most traumatic discoveries of my life.

I’ve been living with MS now for the a year now. And instead of hating this anniversary, I honored it. But I’m lucky to have a great support network along with medical marijuana and great doctors. Without all of that, I’m not sure that I’d be in the place I am when it comes to my MS diagnosis. Initially, getting a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is one that feels like a life ending event. However, with the access to the cannabis dispensaries, a great support group and new medications, I was able to change that perspective. I’m no longer dealing with a life ending situation as much as I’m dealing with a life altering situation. This in no way minimizes the fact that I have MS. But what it does change is how I go about dealing with it. Initially, I just took the medications and did my best when it came to trying to do the exercises and getting to my support group. But I really was more Angry then I was committed to dealing with a life that had been forever altered. And really, that’s perfectly normal and often to be expected. Once I started treating with medical cannabis, I noticed a reduction in symptoms and a greater range of motion. But with those changes came more medical marijuana benefits. I realized that it was up to me what sort of life I was going to live. Either I was going to be completely limited by my MS or I was going to deal with it and get the best I could out of my life. Without access to a legal weed store, I would not be where I am today.



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