I stopped at a marijuana dispensary a couple of days ago and I picked up some products for the weekend.

My friends and I were going camping and I knew that we were going to want recreational marijuana supplies.

I stopped at a marijuana dispensary and I picked up a half ounce of Blue Dream flower. The Blue Dream flower was a top shelf, indoor grown drain. The Blue Dream flower had a total cannabinoids at 33%. It was easily the highest THC Blue Dream product that I have ever seen. I also bought a couple of pre-rolls from the marijuana dispensary. One pre-roll was infused and tasted like grapes. My friends and I opened up the half ounce of Blue Dream flower as soon as we got to the camping area. Jack started rolling the Blue Dream flower into joints. We got a pack of papers from a gas station on our way to the camping spot. As soon as we got the tent setup, we all stopped to smoke some of the blue dream flower. It was really flavorful and the marijuana strain did not make me cough at all. We decided to smoke two of the Blue Dream marijuana joints before we finished setting up the rest of our camping area. I had enough Blue Dream flower to roll up 15 or 20 joints that weekend and my friends and I stayed high, relaxed, and happy throughout the whole weekend. Even when I lost the huge bass fish on the end of my line, I still didn’t feel much frustration after smoking all that weed.

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