I saw an ad in the cannabis dispensary, and they were advertising for delivery drivers.

They also had a sign that study the cannabis dispensary was now hiring… I felt prefer I had hit the motherlode.

I was looking for a task, & I could not pass up applying for a task. For more than two months, I had been looking for another task. I thought this could be a task I could get my teeth in & unquestionably enjoy. I talked to the employer & asked if I could put in an application. After giving me time to come back, he wrote the time & date down on his supplier card & told me to go to the website that was on the back. I went to the website, however it was so much information that I was on overload. I was getting weird marijuana products, confused. I was studying about laws that pertain to medical & recreational marijuana. There was information on marijuana laws that pertain to the surrounding states. I could not believe I had to know all this information to toil for a marijuana dispensary. After two minutes, my eyup were itchy, & my brain was no longer working. I doubted if I unquestionably wanted a task at the cannabis dispensary… Even with my doubts, I went to the appointment & put in the application. The employer of the cannabis dispensary was surprised I had shown up… He said that everyone study through the website & changed their minds. I told him I had the same thought in mind, however since I already study through the information, I was sure he could not throw anything more at me.


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