My friends and I went to the river to go fishing for the day. We heard about a couple of guys that caught some big spotted trout in the area and I had some new lures that I wanted to try out. We went down to the river and parked in the area by the last part of the dock. We walked all the way out to the end of the bridge. We found a shady spot near the back of the bridge where the rocks and the dirt were soft and loose. We put the cooler and all of our fishing gear next to the wall by the water. I threw my pole into the water a couple of times and I didn’t have any luck with one of the new lures. I got out a different type of lure that is plastic and a fish bit on that as soon as I put it into the water. My friends and I hit a pocket of trout and we were pulling them in one after another. Most of them were too small to keep, but a couple of the fish were big enough to brag about on social media. I spent so much time at the river that I completely forgot to order marijuana from the delivery service. Monday the delivery service is closed, so I was hoping to order on Sunday and have the delivery after we got home from going fishing. Unfortunately, I needed to order all of the marijuana supplies from the delivery service by noon and my friends and I were busy catching fish at that time. I had to wait until Tuesday.

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