I had a friend that I trusted with my life and my family.

He is the godfather to both of my kids, and he and his family are always at our home for the holidays.

I was sure I could trust him to tell me the truth about my cannabis dispensary website. I knew there was something missing, but I did not know what it was. I did everything they talked about on the website, about how to create a professional website, but I wasn’t getting any traffic to the website. I was sure Paul, who also owned a cannabis dispensary, could help me with my problem. He went over my website and asked if there was anything on the websites about adding SEO? I wasn’t sure, so I asked what it was? He said that SEO is short for search engine optimization. It’s like throwing out a fishing line to hook people searching for cannabis dispensaries in the area. There was a set of keywords that were put into the website, and into social media sites, so they can find you when someone does a search. Without keywords, or SEO, I was going to be on the last page of the search results; if I got picked up in the search. He started going through the website I had created, and systematically changed a lot of the wording, and installed better wording. He said it was those slight changes, which were SEO, that would get my website found, and help people to know I own a cannabis dispensary, where to find me, and what inventory I carry..

Search engine optimization for dispensaries