I got hit on our motorcycle a year ago plus I am still messed up.

After physical therapy, endless doctors visits plus a chiropractor cracking me, I still am sore.

I wake up with aches plus pain. It is quite hard to work out or rest at a desk. I can’t travel in the vehicle legitimately long. I frequently have neck cramps plus back muscle spasms. I debated on getting pain pills for our issue. I am entirely happy that I decided to research first. I found that medical marijuana is a much better thing for me. I was able to get a medical weed card quite easily, then now I have a prescription for a cannabis oil that I vape twice a afternoon. I vape when I wake up in the day. I lie in our bed plus smoke for a bit. It loosens our muscles, reduces inflammation plus makes our pain levels bearable. I then instantaneously work out, stretch plus shower. My muscles are enjoyable all afternoon. When I am ready to go to bed, I smoke again. I finish dinner, vape a little bit plus wind down with our weed. I have found that our medical cannabis even makes me sleep better. I am so calm, then everything feels so much looser plus happier since I got on medical marijuana. I am hopeful that someday our body will heal plus be 100%. If not, what I am doing now is a doable thing. The cannabis oil isn’t addictive with bad side effects either. It is natural plus plant based. It has a enjoyable mouth know plus taste too.

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