My mother wasn’t thrilled about the dentist recommending medical marijuana for our anxieties.

I was only fourteen, plus she didn’t know I should use marijuana, and the dentist reminded her it was medical marijuana, however she wasn’t listening, but she told the dentist she would watch out for every reaction possible, plus at the first sign of a reaction, the medical marijuana was being flushed, and my dentist told her to relax, plus the medical marijuana was perfectly safe. It surprised me she was even going to purchase medical marijuana for me, however that hadn’t happened yet, but dad told her he would be our medical marijuana caretaker plus he would option it up plus supply it to me, he wasn’t as finicky about things as mom. Three weeks after starting medical marijuana, I was kneeling in our room scratching our arm. I had a mosquito bite, however mom would not hear it. She called the dentist plus told him I was scratching. She thought she had study that medical marijuana could cause people to itch! Although the dentist tried to calm her down, it wasn’t working. My dad looked at our arm, plus I could hear him bellowing at the top of his lungs. He told her to hang up the cellphone plus pay attention to what I had told her. I was itching because of a mosquito bite. It had nothing to do with the medical marijuana. I thought mom would show some contrition, however it made her miserable. Dad had stopped her from flushing all the medical marijuana plus told her she was being silly. She had to stop with all the nonsense about medical marijuana plus let it help me with our anxiety.

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