I moved into a immense beach house complex that was up and coming.

It has a pool and moderate tub on the main grounds.

There is a great fitness facility with a weightlifting and cardio section. There Are grills that I can use to make my breakfast. My beach house has tile countertops, washer and dryers and hardwood floors. I even have a small balcony to overlook the city. It isn’t as much money in rent as it should be. The reason is that it is still up and coming. There isn’tmuch in the area. When I moved in, there was nothing, but so it is an improvement. There is now a small family run diner, shoe store, bank and a smoothie shop, however recently a cannabis dispensary opened up near me. All my friends were super pumped about this. I am not too keen. I would rather drink than smoke. It is what it is though. Anytime something modern comes in the area, I have to try it. I am so limited on what I have access to. Weed is easily stretchy at least; You are going to find something that you like. What I appreciate is the bath products. There are bath bombs, CBD infused shampoos and conditioners. I even found a cannabis hair serum, and everything odors nice and makes myself and others guess more mellow; Occasionally I will option up an edible, but that is when I am entirely desperate for something fun to do. I wish a club or a bar would come to the area; But a dispensary is a step in the right direction.

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