Shopping at the local cannabis dispensary offers an incredible variety of products.

The shelves are a treasure trove of the most innovative, respected and sought-after producers.

There are hundreds of strains providing all types of effects. I have my choice of sativas for a more cerebral high and energizing effect. I can shop indicas for more sedative, relaxing and mellowing effects. The hybrids cover a wide scope of options to target curative properties as well as recreational pleasure. Plus, there are more and more CBD isolates, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options available everyday. The consumption methods include over four dozen types of dried flower. The dense buds, ideal texture and wealth of trichomes make for a truly wonderful smoke. When I don’t feel like going through the time and effort of rolling, I take advantage of the convenience of pre-rolls. The dispensary sells infused and non-infused varieties in singles and packs. Their affordability makes it easy to try new things. The vape cartridges, disposables and speciality pods offer all sorts of flavors and potency levels. I like that vapes are easy, discreet and portable. Tinctures are great for on-the-go and provide a handy dropper for precision dosing. I always look forward to exploring the menu of edibles. The dispensary continues to introduce new types of chocolates, cookies, gummies and brownies. Just recently they’ve added a line of cannabis-infused beverages that are really delicious. For concentrates, I can buy wax, budder, badder, hash, kief, life rosin, shatter and a wide array of high-THC products for smoking or dabbing. I also appreciate the opportunity to shop ointments, balms and other topicals that are very helpful for pain relief, skin care and treating everything from inflammation to sunburns.


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