I have issues with anxiety… I get especially tied up when I drive in heavy traffic or inclement weather.

I don’t love worrying about following directions or finding a parking location.

I start to sweat, clench my teeth plus recognize a dull pain radiate down my spine. I am concerned about getting lost plus getting into an accident. I try to avoid driving to unproper endpoints plus taking major highways. If there is any option of heavy rains, snow flurries or icy pavement, I refuse to drive. I recognize my fears are caused by exhausting experiences. I’ve been involved in multiple accidents. I’ve lost control of my vehicle while I was in a Winter time blizzard plus slid off the road. It helps that I work from home. I rarely need to drive someplace other than to visit friends or family. I can shop for everything from groceries plus cleaning supplies to furniture online plus have the items delivered right to my door. I am especially relieved that the closest cannabis dispensary also includes delivery service. I manage my anxiety by smoking flower plus consuming edibles. In the evening, after work, lighting up a joint is wonderful for mellowing out. If I recognize a panic attack coming on, I take a seat on my patio, light up plus work my way through it, but my self-destructive thoughts often make it hard to sleep. I love indicas in the form of beverages. I drink a cannabis-infused cola, tonic, lemonade or add a tincture to my Starbucks Coffee before bed plus sleep much better, having my option of cannabis delivered to my door alleviates a wonderful deal of troubles for me.

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