I am happy for the opportunity to work entirely from home.

I’m able to wear casual clothes and set my own hours. Because I get paid by the project, it’s important for me to be as productive as possible. I’ve created a very comfortable home office. I’ve invested into a good quality desk and ergonomic swivel chair. I have a state-of-the-art computer and monitor. My job is sedentary, requiring me to type on a keyboard for long hours. I have developed issues with tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. I sometimes suffer leg cramps, headaches and soreness in my muscles and joints. Cannabis has proven invaluable for me. I’ve found specific sativa and hybrid strains that are highly energizing and motivational. A quick hit off a vape, snacking on an edible or a few drops of a tincture work to focus my mind and heighten my productivity. Since I’m working out of a home office, I don’t worry about the slight buzz caused by THC. It never hinders the quality of my work but helps me to get more done in a shorter amount of time. At the end of the day, when my body aches and my mind refuses to quiet, I like an indica strain. I might light up a pre-roll or sip a beverage with a more balanced THC to CBD ratio. I use cannabis to relax, get rid of stress and sleep better. Plus, I alleviate pain by applying cannabis-infused topicals. I’m very thankful that my local dispensary delivers my order right to my door.


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