Whenever I am out in public, I love to be as discreet as possible… I am not the greatest fan of drawing attention to myself whether it’s with the way I dress, the color of our hair, or giant tattoos displayed on our skin.

I understand that several would call me prudish, but this is just simply how I was raised.

I wasn’t even allowed to purposefully burp in front of the rest of our family. If it ever happened by accident, all of us were expected to excuse ourselves excessively. This is a tough environment to grow up in as a child, no doubt. When I see people getting loud and gleeful in public, there’s a section of me that always feels seventh hand embarrassment at a subconscious level. My conscious mind doesn’t care, but there’s always that section of our mind that is deeper down which experiences a visceral reaction to these stimuli. When I started using cannabis in university, I was always extremely paranoid about public use. My friends would pull out bongs in moving cars during broad sunlight and I would nearly lose myself in response. It would freak me out and worry me that a cop would see and pull us over immediately for possession of cannabis. Nowadays you can purchase cannabis oil pens which are extremely discreet by comparison. They resemble nicotine vape pens and are extremely straight-forward to hide when you’re in public. As long as you aren’t making a big deal out of it, a cannabis oil pen is extremely discreet around others. I’ll keep buying cannabis oil pens if I need something for public consumption.

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