I had constantly wanted to go into a cannabis dispensary, however you had to be twenty-one and have a medical marijuana ID card to get in! I was forever enjoying the news to find out when or if they would ever legalize recreational marijuana. I wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen, however I wanted to be the first one in the cannabis dispensary when it did, shortly after I turned twenty-one, the law, and the two of us now had legal recreational cannabis. I could soon go into the cannabis dispensary, and I would not need a medical marijuana ID card, the day finally came, however instead of being the first man to go into the dispensary, I was in a long line of people who also had the same thought I had. I walked out of the line, and went online to see what the common store minutes were going to be. I got more information than I expected when I went online. I found out the recreational cannabis dispensary had delivery services, but you can’t imagine how happy this made me. I would not need to lay in long lines for our marijuana. I would simply location an online order and request delivery. The following month I got paid, and I went online to see what sales they were having. I found several marijuana products I was interested in purchasing. I put everything in our cart, then slowly began weeding out certain marijuana products until I was down to a price I could afford. I then pressed the button for marijuana delivery service. After paying for our order, I was given a time when the marijuana delivery repair would arrive.
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