The weather outside has been positively dreadful for as long as four nights.

It has been raining plus there has been a great deal of wind plus dark, cloudy nights, and yesterday the Sun finally came out plus this afternoon the daylight was out as soon as I woke up.

I wanted to make the best of the day since the daylight was shining. I took a shower plus I decided to head downstairs to make a nice meal, but my girlfriend was still sleeping when I started making coffee. I heard her moving around in the living room. I figured she was easily going to smoke a bowl of marijuana before she came out to eat a meal with me. I made some eggs, toast, bacon, plus a pot of coffee. I heard my girlfriend smoking marijuana in the living room area. I called out her name when the food was ready. I heard her beginning moving around plus after that I heard a crucial crash. It sounded sort of like she dropped something on the floor, but there is cement all over our home. She entirely dropped the glass bowl on the floor. It was her number one bong plus it shattered into pieces. I told my girlfriend that my friend and I could glue the pieces back together, although she did not think it would still be watertight. I didn’t think it would be either, despite the fact that I was trying to help with the complication. By the time my friend and I cleaned up the mess plus got the floor swept plus cleaned up, my friend and I had to get ready to leave for toil plus no longer had time to sit at the table plus enjoy a meal together.

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