I watched a bit while the cannabis dispensary began to take shape during the last year.

The spot had been a restaurant, bakery, and even a high hat store of many of the things. Once there was a word out that this cannabis spot would be different, the people I was with plus myself were pretty geeked by the news. It seems love the place took forever just to remodel the entire building. Meanwhile I was still traveling across the country and the neighborhood just to order marijuana for sale. I’m not really complaining but I am seriously thankful that the medical marijuana initiative has done so incredibly well. Otherwise marijuana never would have even been available to any of us. So finally late during this fall the grand opening of the Cannabis spot finally took sight and I was in the front row to the awesome cannabis shop. The marijuana company does not easily disappoint us and there are aisles after isles of cannabis selections. There is hardly room for any other cannabis products and you can imagine they have every single thing possible. I spent nearly more than a couple of hours in this cannabis dispensary when the place opened. I’m easily thankful for this location in the community and it has great Vibes as well as gives us a place to buy recreational and medical marijuana products. We all enjoyed the first week out there.