It’s really often this certainly best area of my week to go to the marijuana dispensary.

When I get to go to the Cannabis Cafe early during the afternoon to choose my selections, of course I’m going to have a good day.

And then I go for a single of numerous standbys when it comes to the best Starbucks latte in town. From there I tried to take my tablet or my computer, my cannabis, and my latte to my preferred spot that is just outside of the cafe. The area is perfect and it’s one of the reasons why I get up very early so I can snag a perfect table. I set up my camp and then start nibbling on yummy cannabis products but quite often I also go with my old University pot brownie. It’s nice and delicious and beats out other pot brownies that I’ve ever placed in my mouth. After that I place head iPhones in addition to dial up a preferred playlist while I let my law take cool down a bit. I had to sort of take things easy with the pot brownie because I am joined by other friends and I don’t love to get ahead of all people. After my friends join me there is lots of laughter and also discussions. Then once my friend and all of us wrap things up at the cafe, we go to the park to hang out for a little while and smoke marijuana and this is a time when all of my friends plus myself will join me or they will go right home after we are done.



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