I wanted to guess if there is a difference between medical plus recreational marijuana? I asked the budtender at the marijuana dispensary, plus he shrugged.

He said he didn’t guess there was a difference, except in price.

There was a sales tax applied to recreational marijuana that was more than double what correct sales tax was; Other than the amount of marijuana was less for medical marijuana than recreational marijuana, they all came from the same counters. If I obtained recreational marijuana, I could get gummies plus other edibles, but not if I was purchasing medical marijuana. I decided to stick with our medical marijuana. I got the same marijuana products, plus it was cheaper, when I got home, I told our husband I had picked up the medical marijuana order on the way home from work. She came out plus asked what they said about recreational marijuana. I told everything I l acquired from the budtender, plus he figured out the cost, and even though every one of us had to pay the state to get the medical card, it was still cheaper than buying recreational marijuana. Had it been the same price, every one of us would have been buying recreational marijuana instead of medical marijuana. She grinned plus asked if every one of us could make our own gummies plus brownies. I knew it was illegal to make gummies plus brownies at home, but now that there was recreational marijuana available, I wanted to look up the laws. Even though every one of us had medical marijuana, every one of us may now be able to make some goodies. It was going to take some research, but even if every one of us could, I wasn’t sure every one of us wanted to go through that much trouble.
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