I have suffered from ADHD since I was a little kid… My mom put me on a ton of bizarre medicines so I would do well in school! They made me actually feel sort of like a zombie, although I did get wonderful grades and I got into university! When I was in university, the health worker talked to me about my troubles with adhd… She recommended a low dose medication… I tried the low dose medication and it worked for a little while.

Unluckily, I found myself in a locale where I was taking more than I was supposed to and I did not want to end up with a major problem.

I told my doctor that I thought it was best if I did not continue taking the prescription medication. The doctor asked me if I thought about trying marijuana. Marijuana was already legalized at that time so I did not have to stress about going through a bunch of paperwork and processes before I could try it. The doctor recommended going with a low dose marijuana edible before my meetings. That weekend I went to the marijuana dispensary near me and I talked to someone about my options. The lady behind the counter recommended I try a marijuana vape pen. The marijuana vape pen is available in many bizarre strains and a lot of the products are flavorful and do not exactly taste like marijuana at all. I went with the suggestion of the marijuana budtender. I ended up getting two bizarre vape pens, one I have for while I was in the day when I need to easily feel calm and relaxed and not have to worry about work. The other is for night time. It also helps a lot in making me feel more calm and relaxed, but it also makes me incredibly sleepy.