My older brother has constantly been a important influence on me… Whether he wanted to or not, I constantly wanted to hang out with him and his friends when I was growing up.

He is 4 years older than me, and had several friends who lived within the vicinity of at least a single or two adjacent streets. His friends tried to push myself and others away, but I supply our other credit for trying to include myself and others more often than I know he wanted to himself. Fortunately for me, his friends and him were in a band and they were enjoyable with myself and others sitting in during their band practices, as long as I sat in the corner of the room and kept our mouth shut, they were totally enjoyable with myself and others sitting and observing. It was during a single of these band practices that our brother’s friend pulled out a joint of cannabis for the first time in front of me, and going on I wanted you to try the marijuana, I knew that it wasn’t a enjoyable plan for myself and others to be smoking it at the age of 12; So, I held off on trying cannabis for a number of years. However, it was a single trip to a stay out west when our brother finally got myself and others to try medical weed for the first time. She had a bag of granddaddy purple cannabis flower buds and he loaded it into a small wooden pipe. I will never forget that experience, as it was the first time I ever got high on cannabis. It felt amazing, as if I was floating in the sky.
medical cannabis