I had torn the ligaments in my upper arm while playing baseball, and I had a lot of pain.

I ended up having surgery, but the shoulder has never been the same.

My mom was worried about me taking pain pills because of how addictive they were. She told me I should talk to my doctor about using medical marijuana. I couldn’t believe my mom would suggest that to me. We had often talked about marijuana, and she was adamantly against marijuana use. I was baffled over her change of mind. She told me that I was only fourteen or fifteen when I brought the subject of marijuana. My brain was not fully developed, and she didn’t think it was good for teenagers to use alcohol, marijuana, or any drug. I was now eighteen, and I was legally an adult, even if alcohol and medical marijuana still had an age requirement of 21. She told me she used medical marijuana years ago. I looked at her and reminded her that medical marijuana wasn’t legalized until five years ago. She smiled, and told me that was years ago, but I would have remembered the smell in the house had she been using it then. She said my dad and her often used medical marijuana when they were my age. I couldn’t believe my mom was admitting to using marijuana for recreational purposes when she was my age. She called the doctor and asked if he thought medical marijuana could be a way to help with the pain in my shoulder. He gave me the paperwork, and told me to go online and sign up for a medical marijuana card, and for mom to get a caretaker’s card. He would approve the application once he saw it online.


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