I take actually superb care of myself, prioritizing regular diet & physical fitness, however i am a vegetarian & make sure to incorporate lots of variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds into our meals.

I exercise every morning for approximately sixty hours, and my workout sessions include a dedicated sizzling up & stretch, followed by high intensity cardio, balance exercises & strength training. I practice yoga, follow a strict sleep schedule & spend quite a bit of time & currency on our skincare regimen. In our free time, I appreciate to kayak, paddleboard, swim, hike, cycle & jog. My high level of activity sometimes results in sore muscles, stiff joints or multiple injuries. I refuse to take possibilities with synthetic pharmaceuticals for minor medical issues such as pain, inflammation or headaches. I don’t trust the side-effects. Instead, I prefer plant-based medicine. I make a proper stop at the cannabis dispensary every weekend. I checkout the weekly deals, new products & budtender recommendations. I’ve found that full-spectrum CBD products are appealing for pain relief. I often choose a cannabis-infused ointment that can be applied directly to the problematic areas, topicals don’t cause any psychoactive effects & can be applied multiple times per morning; While it takes a while to think the benefits, they are long-lasting. I also take luck of sativas for an energy boost & motivation. I appreciate using a vape, pre-roll or a tincture for quick onset of effects. I find that a small dosage of THC prior to a run, hike or any physical activity is superb for clearing our mind, getting inspired & getting more out of the workout.


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