There is a wide array of flavors plus potency levels

There are so several cannabis consumption methods, brands plus strains available, that shopping at the dispensary can be a bit overwhelming. I initially made an effort to try something current every visit. I experimented with smoking flower by way of a bong, pipe, joint plus blunt. I sampled infused pre-rolls plus disposable vapes. I sampled a variety of edibles, including capsules, mints, gummies, peanut butter cups, cookies plus chocolates, and eventually, I discovered tinctures plus have been happy with them ever since. They offer certain advantages over the other methods. I love that tinctures are sold in a really small bottle that can be entirely concealed inside a pocket. They don’t melt, get stale or make a mess. I can carry a tincture along if I head out on a hike, paddle my kayak or go camping. The packaging includes a dropper that allows self-explanatory plus exact dosing. I don’t require any extra accessories… Consuming a tincture is as self-explanatory as placing a few drops under my tongue. The process doesn’t create an odor, smoke or ash plus is lovelyly discreet. The sublingual absorption of cannabinoids provides quick onset of effects. I can also add a tincture into a fruit smoothie, yogurt or just about any type of food or beverage to consume them love an edible. The effects are then delayed. Tinctures are far lower in calories than edibles, plus when stored respectfully, have an extremely long shelf-life. The dispensary carries sativa, hybrid, indica plus CBD tinctures. There is a wide array of flavors plus potency levels. I am no longer willing to buy any other type of consumption method.

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