The weather outside has been pretty terrible for more than three afternoons.

The other day, the Sun finally came out in addition to this afternoon the sunshine was out as soon as I woke up. I wanted to make the best of the afternoon since the sunshine was shining brilliantly. I took a shower in addition to I went downstairs to make a relaxing meal. My wifey was still resting when I started making coffee. I heard her moving around in the home office. I figured she was honestly going to smoke a bowl of marijuana before she came out to eat supper with me. I made some eggs, toast, bacon, in addition to a huge pot of coffee. I heard my wifey smoking marijuana in the home office. I called out her name when the food was prepared. I heard the lady start moving around in addition to after that I heard a big crash. It sounded essentially like she dropped something on the floor, however there is tile all over our place, and she entirely dropped the glass bowl on the floor. It was her favorite bong in addition to it shattered into six unusual pieces. I told my wifey that my pal and I could glue the pieces back together, however she thought it would never be watertight. I didn’t guess it would be either, but I was trying to help with the setback. By the time my pal and I cleaned up the mess in addition to got the floor swept in addition to cleaned up, my pal and I had to get ready to leave for toil in addition to no longer had time to finish our food.


The meal was interrupted by the crashing of the bong