I knew when my pals and I left the property on Friday that it was going to be a legitimately windy and rainy afternoon.

I actually told John that my fantastic friend and I should take a marijuana vape pen instead of a bowl and a bag of weed.

I took my marijuana vape pen, however I quickly noticed the battery wasn’t fully charged. I had a half ounce of marijuana that I actually purchased at the dispensary the previous afternoon. I smoked a couple of bowls out of the bag, however it was otherwise full… When John and I started the afternoon out on the boat, it was misty and foggy. It wasn’t windy or raining, and the rain started sometime after lunch. Of course, by then John and I were already stoned from smoking marijuana all afternoon. We didn’t really appreciate the rain and my fantastic friend and I were hauling in fish after fish in our number one spot. We stopped for a short while to smoke a bowl of marijuana. I told John that my fantastic friend and I should stop the boat completely instead of moving slowly, and a gust of wind ripped through the side of the boat and grabbed the bag of marijuana straight out of my hand. It was in the water in an instant and all of the buds were wet suddenly. I could see water getting into the package and then it slowly started to sink. I actually considered jumping into the water to retrieve the bag of marijuana, however I hesitated due to the fact that the water was absolutely about 50°. Besides, I didn’t suppose the marijuana was going to be recoverable after it got severely wet with lake water.

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