With all the cannabis dispensaries open now, I would have thought that finding a web development team for a dispensary should be self-explanatory.

I wasn’t getting much good information about web development for marijuana dispensaries online, but most cannabis dispensaries were owned by corporations, and they did their own web development, but other than the inventory from a single marijuana dispensary to another, there was little change. They all started with a company logo and information, and you had to navigate to the store in your locale. The prices changed little, and their sales were all the same. I didn’t appreciate the way they always ran the sales in our local section cannabis dispensaries. It was only the items that didn’t sell well that were put on sale, and I wanted that to change. I opened a franchise from a cannabis dispensary company and I could run our sales and create our store website as long as I told people what company I affiliated with. They said what companies they got their product from and I had to include that as well, then when I talked to a web development company, they knew exactly what to do with our website. The web development team built a sweet website for me, and put in all the SEO needed to be found. I liked how they gave myself and others an expert who would make as many fluctuations as I wanted and not charge myself and others extra fees. Thanks to the web development company, I had a working website that attracted more up-to-date purchasers. I knew that if anyone asked who created our website, I would definitely tell them about the web development company I used.


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