My husband and I chose to go on vacation and we happen to be in a state with legal recreational marijuana sales.

It was my first time ever going to a state with legal recreational marijuana sales and I was truly under the impression that it would be a lot of fun to go to the locale and check out the selection.

My husband does not regularly use recreational marijuana, but I always smoke a bowl every single night before I go to bed. Marijuana helps make me feel especially relaxed and it takes away some of the anxiety and worry that I naturally experience. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. It makes me feel entirely scared and out of control frequently. Marijuana regularly helps me relax before bedtime so I don’t spend numerous hours thinking about everything in my head instead of actually sleeping. When my husband and I were in the state with recreational marijuana sales, we thought it would be nice to go a marijuana dispensary to check things out. One thing that we noticed was that the prices on the marijuana products did not include taxes. Taxes were far higher than I was expecting. I’ve never bought recreational marijuana, so I didn’t easily realize there were state, local, and excise taxes on every purchase. The taxes add up to about 35% on the dollar. When I was able to purchase $100 worth of marijuana products, I expected to pay approximately $7 worth of taxes, because that is how much I would normally spend money on a purchase of that amount. I was pretty amazed by the price after I found out that the taxes on recreational marijuana were terribly high.

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