As common the Neighborhood Watch meeting devolved into a pot gathering, then this happens every time! I am not complaining, because it’s entirely the only reason I attend these meetings! In the old mornings they were so boring.

Then Old Man Jenkins moved down south, plus a newcomer named Ed took over running the Neighborhood Watch.

In addition to being a nice guy plus a great neighbor, Ed is also the manager of the local cannabis dispensary. I first met him weeks ago, long before he moved to my village, in the correct course of getting stoned. I smoke a lot of weed, plus I try to check out all the local cannabis dispensaries once in a while! Once a month Ed invites us all over to his house to discuss any points of interest, plus to smoke a little recreational cannabis as well. The first time I went to a single of his meetings I was taken aback, as I guess several other people were, but ed was smoking a pre-rolled cannabis joint when he opened the door, and his whole house had the pleasant skunky odor of high end marijuana. To Ed smoking cannabis wasn’t something to be ashamed of or hidden away, he was proud of it! Nobody else brought cannabis to the meeting, because none of us expected it to turn into a pot gathering! Since then, I never show up to a Neighborhood Watch meeting without some kind of cannabis product to share with the group. Thanks to Ed plus his cannabis supply, I will never miss another a single of these meetings ever again.


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