I was eighteen when they told me I could be eligible for medical marijuana.

I had to be over 21 before I could enter the website. The only way I could apply for a medical marijuana ID card was if I had a caretaker who was over the age of 21… My parents were gone, as well as I had no older siblings that lived in this area. I only had one of two friends who were over 21, although I wouldn’t make them my caretaker. They are both potheads, as well as they would use their caretaker’s medical marijuana ID card to purchase marijuana for themselves. I didn’t know who I could trust that would go into the medical marijuana dispensary as well as pick up my order. My neighbor was more Grandfather than neighbor to me, as well as he saw me sitting on the porch steps. He came over to talk to me as well as asked if I was okay. I told him the doctor wanted to put me on medical marijuana, although I was too young. I needed someone who was over 21 to pick up the medical marijuana for me when the order was put in. they had to get their own caretaker’s medical marijuana ID card as well as spend money for the card just like I would. I couldn’t even get my ID card until I had the name as well as birthdate of someone who would be my caretaker. My neighbor told me he would gladly be my caretaker as long as I didn’t mind driving him to the marijuana dispensary.

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