As I write this I am a 50 year outdated guy who has been a respected smoker for multiple decades.

I like getting high, and still do it every afternoon. Once upon a time I was a noobie, an experienced youngster who was unquestionably curious about what it felt care about to get stoned, my parents told myself and others that marijuana would turn myself and others into a junkie, however the R-rated comedies I watched on cable cable made it seem care about a blast. I had to find out for myself, and a single night our associate Andy provided to show myself and others the ropes. I thought he was being a kind, experienced marijuana guru, although he was really just messing with me. Instead of introducing myself and others gently to marijuana he broke out his greatest bong and got myself and others far too stoned. A person’s first time smoking cannabis should be gradual, a few tokes at the time to see what it feels like. Andy was trying to get myself and others zonked, and kept giving myself and others massive bong tokes of OG Kush until I passed out on the floor, and years later when it was our turn to help a cannabis rookie experience their first high, I remembered what Andy did to me, and went in the opposite direction. I rolled up a “pinner” which is the thinnest possible cannabis cigarette, and let our young associate toil through it gently. Andy thought it was funny to give myself and others too much marijuana and watched myself and others get deranged. I thought it was more respectful to show our associate how amazing cannabis can be by taking it easy.


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