The first time I went to the medical marijuana dispensary, I felt like I was in one of the old movies about gangsters and speakeasies.

To get into a speakeasy, you had to know the secret word for the night, and you had to be a member.

They were very careful about who was let in and when. No one wanted to be raided by the feds or police, because they sold alcohol in the speakeasy, and they were during the time of prohibition. The medical marijuana dispensary had me hold up my medical marijuana ID card so they could look at it before allowing you into the inner lobby. There you presented your ID card and asked a series of questions that I only told to the people who gave me the medical marijuana ID card. When they were done grilling me, I heard another buzzer and was allowed into the actual marijuana dispensary. The smell of marijuana gave me a buzz, and I had bought none yet. It surprised me at all the hush-hush attitude and the grilling I got before being allowed to come in. I had to show my medical ID card before I could talk to the pharmacist, and before I could purchase my medical marijuana. Before I left, I talked to the guard standing by the door. I said I thought medical marijuana was legal. He nodded and said it was, but unless you had a true medical condition that is recognized by the state, you can’t legally use marijuana. I guess that means fake IDs won’t work here like they do at the state store.


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