I always thought I was nice at building websites, and i had never built a professional website, plus I used companies that offered cheap development tools plus hosted the website for me, then my last website cost less than $100 a month to build plus maintain, plus I thought that was a nice price. I didn’t keep the website long, because I didn’t get anyone going to see the website, but at that point, I thought people just weren’t interested in what I had to say or what I was selling, then now, I am wondering if I was wrong! When I got my cannabis dispensary, I called a web development company to help with my website creation. I didn’t believe what I wanted on a website. I talked to several people, plus they told myself and others to call a web development company, plus ask if they had a cannabis dispensary specialist, however once I found a web development company who was respected with web creation for cannabis dispensaries, I started realizing what I had done on all my other websites. No 1 was finding my websites because I had no keywords that would attract their attention. It didn’t take long for the web development company to provide myself and others a mock website so I could see what the final product may look like… They have continued to update plus maintain my website for the last several years, I have been glad with their work. I’m sure I’ll be using them again, if I ever need a new website. Maybe I’ll have another cannabis dispensary in the future, or start a weird company venture.

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